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Censored Identity Hd version

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My Final Major Project for Graphic Design New Media. This is an updated high quality version of my project. Including end credits and updated subtitles.

Censored Identity is a short experimental film, investigating the concept of censored identity through the life of a homeless character. Censored identity is usually known for situations like; the protection of witnesses in a crime threat, but in my case it is related to the visual
characteristics of a person.

My idea is censoring the character through camera movement and position.
The camera is never pointed directly into the characters face; this way his identity is supressed.

The narrative of this short film is based upon urban stories that I found on various Spanish and English news articles.
Using two narratives at the same time confuses the viewer and enables the chance of using one of them to give meaning to the other.
I use this technique in the short through the use of subtitles with a dialogue in a foreign language (Spanish). The story narrated with subtitles does not connect
with the visual narrative.
But this is done on purpose to censor the characters real identity until the end of the film.
My use of subtitles is also to create a bigger distance between the viewer and the character.

-My apologies for any spelling mistakes on the subtitles 😛…


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June 7, 2010 at 6:30 pm

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